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Modern Floating Vanities

If it’s time for a bathroom remodel, consider updating the space by installing a floating modern vanity, one that gives you storage space and a contemporary bathroom. Not only does a floating vanity give you extra storage space, but the piece also provides additional countertop space. The right one will even give your bathroom an amazing, finished look.

To us, floating bath cabinets automatically modernize a bathroom. Since this type of piece (a floating vanity) doesn’t have legs, the vanity style is more streamlined. It also has a minimalistic design, so if you want the space to appear fresh and tidy, then adding a floating vanity is a good way to do it. This vanity style tends to make a bathroom look bigger because the floor is visible beneath it. The piece does this by creating an unbroken surface. From a technical standpoint, floating vanities take up the same amount of space as floor ones. They just don’t appear to do so.

This vanity style will give you added benefit of additional square footage to install radiant heat. If you intend to install the heat source to keep your toes warm on cold mornings, a hanging vanity allows you to maximize the added warmth when you’re standing in front of your sink. In fact, contractors often require homeowners to install a hanging vanity because it prevents floors with radiant heating from overheating.

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Kitchen Remodeling - The Plan

Creating a beautiful kitchen, having the best possible kitchen remodeling experience involves several planning points well past simply tearing out the old and slapping in new cabinets. Working with professionals helps to alleviate stress, making the experience pleasant and engaging. Selecting high-quality materials is going to make your completed project long-lasting and improved the end-product for your daily use and the enjoyment of guests.

Remodeling a kitchen is often shown as a dramatic saga but Movies, T.V. shows, and Kitchen Showrooms all show the focal point of any well-designed home to be the monolithic island, the center of all cooking, dining and living activity both morning and evening. This is the place where you do all your best entertaining. This is the place you will serve crudité and mimosa. This is where you will sit whimsically sipping your coffee, staring out into the Puget Sound as dawn climbs over the Cascade Mountains behind you.

kitchen islands and how to have one in your beautiful kitchen:

The idyllic kitchen island consists of several key features. Let’s start from the bottom up.

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Cabinets without Handles - a guide to the contemporary modern kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets Without Handles

Kitchen cabinets without pulls blend aspects of modern design with other styles from traditional to industrial giving a look that is sleek and current without being sterile. Handleless kitchens offer a new elegance and intelligence.

The traditional, contemporary, or modern home is enhanced by a well-designed handleless kitchen. The handleless kitchen option originated in the 1960s in Europe and spread like a wildfire - where cupboard doors without handles were perfect for the European kitchen model of modern portability.

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