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Modern Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to owning a home, the best part about it is making the space your own. Whether that means renovating the home inside out, or keeping the things that you like and changing out what you don't. But changing up a home means designing it with your specific generational taste in mind. Do you opt for the more traditional design or the modern? If you're like me, you might be wondering what even is the difference between the two, much less why you should even care about the different tastes between generations. Well, below you're going to find out what makes traditional and modern design choices different as well as how choosing either can impact the feel and look of modern vs traditional designs, as well as how choosing one or either can impact the overall feel of your home.

Different Design Styles

Design styles and tastes differ between generations. Baby boomers (those ranging from 55 to 65 years old) tend to enjoy more "refined yet rustic" elements in their home, a style that blends together classical forms with informal rustic styles. This suggests that baby boomers enjoy a more comfortable feel to their homes, as the saying goes "home is where the heart is" and for baby boomers coming back to relax in a home of their own "refined yet rustic" design is exactly they're style.

However, those born to Generation Z (the mid-1990s to mid-2000s) prefer the look and taste of a "rustic style," for this generation a resurgence with rustic furnishings, with a modern twist is everything that highlights this generation. What about the interior design tastes of Millenials? Enjoying a minimalist aesthetic, Millennials enjoy clean cut lines and features due to living in cities with limited space, they've had to adapt their design choices to fit their living situation. The minimalist design allows for the space to not only feel and look larger than it is but optimize the small space Millennials find themselves living in.

This design style even extends itself to the modern kitchen and cabinetry choices. In this article, we're going to explore why Millenials have opted for choosing the look and feel of modern cabinets compared to the differing styles of their contemporaries.

Why Go Modern?

With a growing trend of Millenials choosing to opt out of large homes, due to a combination of housing trends and Millenials choosing to live in lofts, apartment spaces, or even tiny homes. The need to be able to optimize the living space as much as possible has arisen in the design market, and this desire extends to the kitchen as well.

Finding themselves needing to create as much space as possible in a small footprint, Millenials have turned to choose furniture and color schemes that optimize the small nature of their space that make it feel bigger than it seems. This type of design choice strays from the more homely and cozy feel of traditional designs, but not only does this type of modern design choice impact living areas, but it also extends to the kitchen as well.

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Kitchen Remodeling - The Plan

Creating a beautiful kitchen, having the best possible kitchen remodeling experience involves several planning points well past simply tearing out the old and slapping in new cabinets. Working with professionals helps to alleviate stress, making the experience pleasant and engaging. Selecting high-quality materials is going to make your completed project long-lasting and improved the end-product for your daily use and the enjoyment of guests.

Remodeling a kitchen is often shown as a dramatic saga but Movies, T.V. shows, and Kitchen Showrooms all show the focal point of any well-designed home to be the monolithic island, the center of all cooking, dining and living activity both morning and evening. This is the place where you do all your best entertaining. This is the place you will serve crudité and mimosa. This is where you will sit whimsically sipping your coffee, staring out into the Puget Sound as dawn climbs over the Cascade Mountains behind you.

kitchen islands and how to have one in your beautiful kitchen:

The idyllic kitchen island consists of several key features. Let’s start from the bottom up.

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Cabinets without Handles - a guide to the contemporary modern kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets Without Handles

Kitchen cabinets without pulls blend aspects of modern design with other styles from traditional to industrial giving a look that is sleek and current without being sterile. Handleless kitchens offer a new elegance and intelligence.

The traditional, contemporary, or modern home is enhanced by a well-designed handleless kitchen. The handleless kitchen option originated in the 1960s in Europe and spread like a wildfire - where cupboard doors without handles were perfect for the European kitchen model of modern portability.

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