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Modern Floating Vanities

If it’s time for a bathroom remodel, consider updating the space by installing a floating modern vanity, one that gives you storage space and a contemporary bathroom. Not only does a floating vanity give you extra storage space, but the piece also provides additional countertop space. The right one will even give your bathroom an amazing, finished look.

To us, floating bath cabinets automatically modernize a bathroom. Since this type of piece (a floating vanity) doesn’t have legs, the vanity style is more streamlined. It also has a minimalistic design, so if you want the space to appear fresh and tidy, then adding a floating vanity is a good way to do it. This vanity style tends to make a bathroom look bigger because the floor is visible beneath it. The piece does this by creating an unbroken surface. From a technical standpoint, floating vanities take up the same amount of space as floor ones. They just don’t appear to do so.

This vanity style will give you added benefit of additional square footage to install radiant heat. If you intend to install the heat source to keep your toes warm on cold mornings, a hanging vanity allows you to maximize the added warmth when you’re standing in front of your sink. In fact, contractors often require homeowners to install a hanging vanity because it prevents floors with radiant heating from overheating.

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