Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Modern Kitchen Cabinets - Why Millenials Are Choosing Modern Cabinets

When it comes to owning a home, the best part about it is making the space your own. Whether that means renovating the home inside out, or keeping the things that you like and changing out what you don't. But changing up a home means designing it with your specific generational taste in mind. Do you opt for the more traditional design or the modern? If you're like me, you might be wondering what even is the difference between the two, much less why you should even care about the different tastes between generations. Well, below you're going to find out what makes traditional and modern design choices different as well as how choosing either can impact the feel and look of modern vs traditional designs, as well as how choosing one or either can impact the overall feel of your home.

Different Design Styles

Design styles and tastes differ between generations. Baby boomers (those ranging from 55 to 65 years old) tend to enjoy more "refined yet rustic" elements in their home, a style that blends together classical forms with informal rustic styles. This suggests that baby boomers enjoy a more comfortable feel to their homes, as the saying goes "home is where the heart is" and for baby boomers coming back to relax in a home of their own "refined yet rustic" design is exactly they're style.

However, those born to Generation Z (the mid-1990s to mid-2000s) prefer the look and taste of a "rustic style," for this generation a resurgence with rustic furnishings, with a modern twist is everything that highlights this generation. What about the interior design tastes of Millenials? Enjoying a minimalist aesthetic, Millennials enjoy clean cut lines and features due to living in cities with limited space, they've had to adapt their design choices to fit their living situation. The minimalist design allows for the space to not only feel and look larger than it is but optimize the small space Millennials find themselves living in.

This design style even extends itself to the modern kitchen and cabinetry choices. In this article, we're going to explore why Millenials have opted for choosing the look and feel of modern cabinets compared to the differing styles of their contemporaries.

Why Go Modern?

With a growing trend of Millenials choosing to opt out of large homes, due to a combination of housing trends and Millenials choosing to live in lofts, apartment spaces, or even tiny homes. The need to be able to optimize the living space as much as possible has arisen in the design market, and this desire extends to the kitchen as well.

Finding themselves needing to create as much space as possible in a small footprint, Millenials have turned to choose furniture and color schemes that optimize the small nature of their space that make it feel bigger than it seems. This type of design choice strays from the more homely and cozy feel of traditional designs, but not only does this type of modern design choice impact living areas, but it also extends to the kitchen as well.

The Modern Vs Traditional Cabinetry

What makes a modern cabinet different from a traditional one? Traditional cabinets are defined by their darker aesthetic. Cabinetry featuring dark woods such as walnut, wenge, or anything that resembles dark chocolate fall in line with the traditional style that older generations tend to love. Traditional kitchen cabinets tend to look "bulkier" and "thicker" compared to their style counterparts. Often carved to have textures or designs added into them in order to make them unique, traditional cabinets tend to have a bit of personal flair between them when it comes to their front-facing designs. In order to make it unique traditional cabinets can come with handles and knobs like the types you would find on a door, some have glass fronts or are often left plain.

How does this make them different from contemporary cabinets? Well in a modern kitchen, unlike its traditional opposite, the designs tend to skew towards sleeker and compact tastes. While all varieties of traditional cabinets tend to be made of wood, modern kitchen cabinets tend to embrace the uniqueness of the variety of design materials that can be found. With some modern cabinets being made out of a combination of wood, laminate materials, or even glass and metal. Like mentioned earlier, modern cabinets have to embrace the fact that Millenials aren't living in bigger properties like the older generations are used to. Instead, with their design trends, Millennials tend to steer towards making their kitchen cabinets unique and using materials and a design sense that makes the space feel bigger than it seems.

Because of that, modern kitchen cabinets aren't "bulky" compared to the door type cabinets that older generations are fond of. Millennials instead embrace sliding cabinet doors. With this growing trend, more and more modern homes are embracing this style of contemporary cabinets. Especially as modern Millennial tends to abandon living in larger spaces and wholeheartedly embraces living in a smaller setting.

The Colors of a Modern Kitchen

Within kitchens of today, the usage of color can determine not only the mood but the overall feel and look of the room. Choose a dark color, like many traditional kitchens tend to have and it can make the kitchen appear dim and dull even with the usage of lights. For a modern feel, these kitchens and cabinets tend to come in lighter colors, consisting of whites, greys, and metallics some even coming in with a combination of these colors and an inclusion of light, neutral shades and brighter colors. This is in direct opposition to the design of traditional cabinets and kitchen that tend to favor more dark and muted colors. For modern cabinetry and kitchen, spaces tend to have more varied choices, whereas traditional tends to lean in towards optimizing various shades of brown.

Modern designs tend to either choice plain and simple options to stick with a simplistic, minimalist theme or opt for choices that can make the place seem more artistic in nature.

Finally, the minimalist generation of Millenials tends to take advantage of the ease of cleaning when it comes to kitchen cabinets. The lack of flourish means fewer places for dust and debris to collect and in turn, easier cleaning.

Depending on whether you want to make your kitchen feel homely and cozy or like the look and feel of a minimalist design, decide whether traditional or modern is for you. When you do, don't be afraid to take the leap and get started on designing not only your home but your kitchen and making it yours regardless of what style you decide to go with.

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