Modern Floating Vanities

Floating vanities are perfect for modern bathrooms. They come in different styles and are easy to maintain.

Bathroom Vanities - Seattle

Bathroom Vanities - Seattle

If it’s time for a bathroom remodel, consider updating the space by installing a floating modern vanity, one that gives you storage space and a contemporary bathroom. Not only does a floating vanity give you extra storage space, but the piece also provides additional countertop space. The right one will even give your bathroom an amazing, finished look.

The Style Benefits of a Floating Vanity

To us, floating bath cabinets automatically modernize a bathroom. Since this type of piece (a floating vanity) doesn’t have legs, the vanity style is more streamlined. It also has a minimalistic design, so if you want the space to appear fresh and tidy, then adding a floating vanity is a good way to do it. This vanity style tends to make a bathroom look bigger because the floor is visible beneath it. The piece does this by creating an unbroken surface. From a technical standpoint, floating vanities take up the same amount of space as floor ones. They just don’t appear to do so.

This vanity style will give you added benefit of additional square footage to install radiant heat. If you intend to install the heat source to keep your toes warm on cold mornings, a hanging vanity allows you to maximize the added warmth when you’re standing in front of your sink. In fact, contractors often require homeowners to install a hanging vanity because it prevents floors with radiant heating from overheating.

Floating vanities provide a design break too if you’re installing a wood floor. When you place a wood vanity on top of a wood floor, the two together may blend together seamlessly. By installing an elevated vanity, you’ll have a break from the monotony of wood on wood.

We think that you’ll want the style if you’re the type of person who loves to fold towels perfectly when displaying them or geeks out over organizing things like cotton swabs and toiletries. In this case, you’ll want a floating vanity with open shelving. That way, you can share your organizational talents.

Added Storage Space

Regardless of the type of vanity, you decide to install, adding one into a contemporary bathroom gives you storage space, something you wouldn’t have with a pedestal sink. Floating vanities come in different heights and widths, but they are typically shorter than a floor mounted vanity. Wall mounted vanities may feature concealed drawers that help you keep the space looking clean.

Having access to a countertop in the bathroom is a requirement if you need the space to get ready for your workday or a night out. Attempting to balance products on the edges of a pedestal sink invariably ends up with the products falling into the sink, causing frustration and delays.

Shallow Depth for More Bathroom Space

If the space in your bathroom is especially tight, then consider installing a shallow depth floating vanity. While this style comes with less space, you’ll still have a little cupboard and countertop space for it to be useful. To give a shallow depth vanity as much storage and countertop space as possible, the builders of these pieces often position the faucet at an angle, adding an even more modern look to the furniture item. 

Durable and Long-Lasting

Modern floating bath cabinets may be more durable than floor mounted ones because the floating feature prevents them from suffering damage in the event of flooding. A bathroom is a place that involves water. This means that bathroom vanities may have water seep underneath it whether someone causes the toilet to overflow or your children love to swim in the tub. With a floating vanity, you can just use a towel to sop up the water that collects below it while the bottom of a floor-based vanity is far likelier to be ruined over time by the water.

With the vanity hovering over the floor, you’ll be able to clean around the piece more thoroughly and avoid the grime and debris that may collect around the unit’s base. This feature makes maintenance easy. Due to the contemporary nature of a hanging vanity, these pieces are usually made from materials that are easy to clean such as smooth acrylics, glass, laminants and sealed woods. Floating vanities are also easier to clean because they generally don’t have the fancy decorative elements that a floor mounted one displays, leaving you with fewer places for dirt, dust, debris and germs to lurk. These elements, in some instances might be somewhat nice to look at but the added nooks and crannies that they have can make them harder to keep clean.

What are the Style Options?

Designers have come up with all kinds of floating vanity designs, so you can get one that will fit in with the overall style of your home. Modern is the most popular option where modern floating cabinets may include open shelving and smooth-faced drawers. Contemporary, well designed systems offer organized storage solutions while having a great deal of appeal to the eye - Function and Form.

Height Customization

To us, a big benefit of installing a free-standing vanity is that you can place it at any height that works for you. If you’re adding one to a kid’s bathroom, then you can make it shorter for them. This is a great option if you have a family member living with you who requires the use of a wheelchair. You can also place it higher if your family is one with taller individuals. Placing it higher for taller people means that they can use it without straining their backs.

Installation Overview

We’re not going to lie, installing a floating vanity may take some preparation. This is why we use certified installers who have experience and training in installing these sorts cabinets as it takes more work than installing a floor mounted one. In most cases, floor mounted vanities just set in place. You might need to attach the back of it to the wall if it’s front heavy, but other than that, all you need to do is set it in place and connect the plumbing. With a floating vanity, the bathroom wall will require added framing and reinforcement to hold the piece.

With this type of piece, keep in mind that the floor will be visible below it, so you will want to install the floor so that it reaches the edge of the wall. This might marginally increase the overall cost of  flooring since more of it will be required, but it does make switching the vanity out easier because you can leave the floor the same. Not only does it make changes easier later on, but it also gives you the chance to display beautiful tile work. Go ahead and extend your pretty tile down to the floor.

Something a Little Different

Bathroom vanities come in different styles, sizes, and colors. The floating style screams modern bathroom. While floating vanities are becoming more common, you may be more used to seeing floor mounted pieces. This means that you have the chance to install something a little different, a piece that will give you the modern bathroom you’ve been wanting. 

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