Kitchen Remodeling - The Plan

“Kitchen remodeling” – What does it mean exactly and how do we get the best possible improvement for our efforts? Kitchen Cabinets and kitchen appliances make up the bulk of what most people think of when considering a kitchen remodel, but there is so much more to consider when putting our planning plans to create a kitchen to fall in love with.

We strongly recommend that you work with a designer to help guide you through the process and assist in making the many decisions that are going to make the process fun and interesting and engaging rather than confusing and difficult. That said, you’ll still want to have some ideas to help lead the process along.

Kitchen Island

Bauformat | Kitchen Island

Bauformat | Kitchen Island

Remodeling a kitchen is often shown as a dramatic saga but Movies, T.V. shows, and Kitchen Showrooms all show the focal point of any well-designed home to be the monolithic island, the center of all cooking, dining and living activity both morning and evening. This is the place where you do all your best entertaining. This is the place you will serve crudité and mimosa. This is where you will sit whimsically sipping your coffee, staring out into the Puget Sound as dawn climbs over the Cascade Mountains behind you.

kitchen islands and how to have one in your beautiful kitchen:

The idyllic kitchen island consists of several key features. Let’s start from the bottom up.

1. You will start with a posh flooring choice. If it is a high-end, durable flooring choice like Woodpecker hardwood flooring or BauTile or a sintered stone option like Neolith or Dekton. This will be part of the canvas of the room, creating a backdrop on which everything else is set.

2. You will need a gorgeous cabinet and shelving solution, like the handless lit channel from Purista from Bauformat. The flat panel options offered with modern kitchen cabinets are the perfect solution to create that clean, sleek block. Adding in shelving allows you another opportunity to display your beautiful kitchen gadgets and implements, making them easy to access and creating a visually interesting element, breaking up the solid block.

Kitchen Cabinets - Hidden Storage

3. With your cabinets, you’ll want to integrate drawers and appliances. Hiding the less attractive components of your home, like trash, recycling and compost is a great way to provide your kitchen with real organization solutions that give your home a clean feel and help you provide a more inviting atmosphere for your guests.

4. Countertop options Neolith, Dekotn, Silestone, and Pental offer an incredible variety of durable, beautiful choices to cap off the island. This cool, work surface will help you not only create a lovely meal but present one as well.

Color and Texture

As we discussed a moment ago, presenting a little “texture” in your kitchen will give your kitchen a well-designed feel. The caution here is to be careful when balancing color and texture. You are looking for visual interest rather than a circus tent. Having too much bold color and/or texture will be overwhelming and make the space less pleasant for working and entertaining.

For timeless beauty, leave the high-ticket items in neutrals and the less expensive choices with texture and color that might be more easily replaced or updated.

Space Planning

No matter what you like or dislike, having a space that is planned for form and function is going to be key to any perfect kitchen. Rarely is there a single “perfect” space plan, but be aware that there are many, many poor space planning options that you’ll want to avoid. This is one of the many reasons why you are going to want to work with an interior designer that can guide you through this part of the process. Can you do it yourself? Maybe. But working with a professional may save you a lot of headaches later.

Lighting Layers

Working in a kitchen that is dim does not make for a great meal and easy preparation. This can be overcome by having multiple light sources at various strengths and positions throughout the kitchen. Having a single light in the middle of the ceiling is going to be woefully inadequate. Pin lighting and can lighting can offer you much better overall lighting while limiting glare. Multiple sources of overhead lighting are key.

Under Cabinet lighting is not only for the soft visual of creating a warm kitchen, adds a lot of function for spaces where workspaces may be under cabinetry and shelving.

Integrated channel lighting, like the lighting offered in Bauformat cabinets with lit channels and interior cabinet lighting, offers a sophistication that will help to finish off the look of your kitchen and increase the ambiance by illuminating the clean lines you want for a luxurious kitchen.


What you’re going to want, more than anything else, is the quality and durability of the products you add to your kitchen during the remodel. People are often faced with the dilemma of quality or price, struggling to find a way to have both. What they often find when selecting a low quality, less expensive product is that it will still have a significant cost but will have very low longevity – meaning, cheap cabinets don’t last and often offer either no warranty or one that is completely devoid of value when the time inevitably comes to use it because of delaminating, scratching and breaking occur from even the most casual use.

A versatile product offering, like Bauformat, is going to be a great choice for balancing the often touch choice between high quality and affordability. High quality, German manufacturing is going to offer the durability you will need for timeless design and when working with professionals to help you with work within your budget, you’ll be able to make the project come together beautifully.

The Takeaway

Creating a beautiful kitchen, having the best possible kitchen remodeling experience involves several planning points well past simply tearing out the old and slapping in new cabinets. Working with professionals helps to alleviate stress, making the experience pleasant and engaging. Selecting high-quality materials is going to make your completed project long-lasting and improved the end-product for your daily use and the enjoyment of guests.