Say you are curious about a more contemporary modern design for your home. Maybe you like the way it looks but are not sure about its functionality. Maybe you like simplicity. Anser: No Handle Cabinets.

Handleless cabinetry offers a minimalist the best cabinetry options, especially when paired with neutral color palettes or metallic accents.

Kitchen cabinets without pulls blend aspects of modern design with other styles from traditional to industrial giving a look that is sleek and current without being sterile. Handleless kitchens offer a new elegance and intelligence.

The traditional, contemporary, or modern home is enhanced by a well-designed handleless kitchen. The handleless kitchen option originated in the 1960s in Europe and spread like a wildfire - where cupboard doors without handles were perfect for the European kitchen model of modern portability.

Handless kitchens are clean lined, chic, and fashionably simplistic. They offer a new way of moving about the kitchen. Rather than reach for a handle opt to lightly push a drawer and enjoy that it quietly pushes out to you. Instead of pulling on a pantry handle that seems small for its large surface you can enjoy placing your fingers in a groove that runs the cabinets vertical edge.

Efficient use of space: The handleless kitchen also offers optimal flow to the overall space you have in your home. It gives you an open environment easy to layout. The fluidity generates ease of moving about. A minimalist approach of a kitchen without handles has its practical side.

With no hardware, there are no worries of bumping into or catching yourself on hardware. If you are a family that enjoys gathering around the kitchen or if you like to entertain it makes good sense in having a sleek modern kitchen design, then you are safe.


A key benefit of handleless cabinets is that they offer flat surfaces that are easy to clean. They have no nooks or crevices to catch dust and crumbs. There are no awkward grooves or handles to clean around. You can maximize your time by cleaning less often and in less detail. No handles mean other kitchen features get to really stand out without any competition for attention - making your backsplash or worktop a wow factor.


Hidden behind the clean-lined exterior of a kitchen without handles, you’ll find ample storage solutions with enhanced functionality. Examples being high performing pantry systems, drawer organizers with clever modern function, and unique countertop solutions, like the Bauformat Purista™ line where organizational accessories are often included.

Creative backsplash tiles from Schön and Bautile work beautifully along with organized railing systems and are the perfect addition to a handleless kitchen. One of the higher demand features would be the pull-out garbage and recycling options.

Also, now available to the market is the compost drawer. Clean up is much easier and being hidden from the eye improves the quality of life without having a smelly eyesore taking up valuable countertop real estate - all perfectly tucked away behind a cabinet without handles in an attractive, well-designed modern package.

Kitchen accessories add value to the kitchen, but specifically, handleless cabinets are an innovate kitchen technology driven for maximizing interior and spaces. The hardware you will find include push-to-open mechanisms, finger pulls, soft closing hinges as well as electric servo-drives.


Cabinet lighting adds interest, dimension, and visual contrast. The modern cabinetry of today offers many types of lighting. Under cabinet lighting can give ideal light to your prep spaces. Inside cabinet lighting highlights dinnerware while easing the access to deep or dark areas. Inside cabinet lighting can be horizontal or vertical in the cabinet box or for shelving. Above cabinet lighting adds depth to an entire room illuminating ceilings making them appear taller and more spacious. Below cabinet lighting can be found above a toe kick creating architectural interest and guiding nighttime navigation.


Modern Cabinet Finishes

Flat fronts and sleek surfaces. Handleless kitchens designed with flat panels that come in a variety of finish options. Lacquer finishes popular in the modern design include high-gloss and matte. Both create a bold, cohesive, and polished look. Laminates offer a variety of texture and pattern. Some laminates mimic wood, stone, or natural materials. Veneers are commonly sliced sheets of wood options. Glass fronts give a visually stimulating and changing appearance.


A true handleless kitchen design captures the trends for uninterrupted lines, minimalist styling, and clean uncluttered looks. There are many reasons designers like to use handleless cabinetry. Layouts like a galley kitchen that traditionally offer little space to become more open with better flow. Galley kitchens make efficient use of every square inch and there are no troublesome corners to configure. A one-wall kitchen layout often found in a loft or apartment captures the true beauty of the handleless look. Creating a wall of interest, class, and artistic light. The L-Shape kitchen is an ideal way to play with mixed tones and maybe even a pop of color. The use of a peninsula or island is ideal for handleless kitchens. This is where a designer can bring in all the aspects from finishes, lighting, electronic systems, and countertops.

Overall handleless kitchens are sleek, elegant, and in demand due to their streamlined appearance. Handleless kitchens are hailed worldwide for their clean, seamless designs and quality. They merge cutting edge technology with striking design. Handleless kitchens manage to be both beautiful and easy to use thanks to multiple mechanical and electronic opening systems that make opening drawers and cabinets effortless. Truly magical in the environment and function!

Ready to go handleless and wondering if your budget will allow for it. The good news is that there are many offerings in the handleless world. German engineered and precision craftsmanship cabinets have a custom range of pricing. If you are in the early stages of remodeling or if your walls are all torn down. Take time to price out all the options and give yourself the opportunity to see the many designs for your space.