Say you are curious about a more contemporary modern design for your home. Maybe you like the way it looks but are not sure about its functionality. Maybe you like simplicity. Anser: No Handle Cabinets.

Handleless cabinetry offers a minimalist the best cabinetry options, especially when paired with neutral color palettes or metallic accents.

Kitchen cabinets without pulls blend aspects of modern design with other styles from traditional to industrial giving a look that is sleek and current without being sterile. Handleless kitchens offer a new elegance and intelligence.

The traditional, contemporary, or modern home is enhanced by a well-designed handleless kitchen. The handleless kitchen option originated in the 1960s in Europe and spread like a wildfire - where cupboard doors without handles were perfect for the European kitchen model of modern portability.

Handless kitchens are clean lined, chic, and fashionably simplistic. They offer a new way of moving about the kitchen. Rather than reach for a handle opt to lightly push a drawer and enjoy that it quietly pushes out to you. Instead of pulling on a pantry handle that seems small for its large surface you can enjoy placing your fingers in a groove that runs the cabinets vertical edge.

Efficient use of space: The handleless kitchen also offers optimal flow to the overall space you have in your home. It gives you an open environment easy to layout. The fluidity generates ease of moving about. A minimalist approach of a kitchen without handles has its practical side.

With no hardware, there are no worries of bumping into or catching yourself on hardware. If you are a family that enjoys gathering around the kitchen or if you like to entertain it makes good sense in having a sleek modern kitchen design, then you are safe.

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