Modern kitchen cabinets



The appearance of a kitchen is, to a very large extent, determined by the fronts. Color, material, gloss or matt; Bauformat kitchens are renowned for the high quality of their fronts. Multi-state processes in our in-house finishing lines produce flawless surface finishes, giving the kitchen a perfect look. Satin lacquer fronts are produced without harming the environment using special water-based lacquer systems.

Our genuine wood fronts own their unique appearance to the use of selected wood types from sustainably managed forests, while the high quality glass owes it perfection to metal edges applied in a complex process.

Learn about the entire product suite from BauTeam - Kitchens, Baths and Closet Systems. German made with unsurpassed technology Since 1921, our kitchens have been telling the story of creativity and German design which are forever tied to innovation and quality. All components are manufactured and fully assembled in Germany to exacting standards using laser-scanning technology. This gives our team complete confidence that we are delivering superior workmanship that you are unlikely to find from local joiners. Attention to detail, the finest materials and design innovation all work seamlessly together to give life to an exclusive German tailored kitchen. It’s not just about realizing beautiful aesthetics, Tailored kitchens provide reliability and peace-of-mind For a long-lasting kitchen in your home.


The Badea bathroom furniture program focuses on specific, functional design solutions for a room with so many varying needs and uses – quiet, intimacy or relaxation. Bedea develops a bathing atmosphere in a variety of colors and designs, providing quality and performance. A well-defined line with noble lacquer fronts, available in different widths and combinations, this modular application and décor selection allows you to create personalized spaces unique to the needs of each user. No matter how small or large the bathroom may be, you will appreciate not only the excellence of the Badea bathroom furniture program with its intelligent lighting systems and energy-saving LED technology, mirrored cabinets and double mirrored doors.   


At BauCloset, nothing comes off the shelf. Individualized solutions that fit your space like a made-to-measure suit. That is our specialty. In order to meet this requirement, every product is manufactured, inspected and carefully packaged in Germany with milometer accuracy.

TREND offers a practical design-oriented storage solution which puts the emphasis on appearance, design and functionality. For a walk-in closet, a prestigious office space or for almost any living area; if you are looking for an especially stable system, then the Trend interior system is the right choice. Outer sides, inner sides and shelves are made of decor resin-coated 25 mm [1”] chipboard (Carb2). TREND, a wardrobe system along with a walk-in closet possessing a contemporary modularity suitable to any space. The walk-in closet is distinguished by 1” vertical panels that bring out the solidity of their geometry. The frame side creates great formal lightness and emphasizes the wardrobes inner open units.

SPACE provides an equally attractive alternative to the Trend interior system. With its classic style and elegant design, Space enhances any room, boasting many useful features. An ideal interior system for walk-in closets or anywhere one can fully appreciate the spaciousness and clean-cut look of this interior system.


Developed by BauTeam and made in Germany with strict quality criteria which used only components sourced from the finest European suppliers, BT45 kitchens are the result of what happens when superior materials and planning solutions unite. BT45 kitchens are furnished with a full set of sophisticated accessories made of black oak and set in a matte black finish. This luxury accessory set is designed and made in Germany with style and substance, ensuring that BT45 kitchens are never overlooked. Open your mind to the design symphony of seamless and impeccable form, quality and materials that is BT45. With technical elegance and meticulously crafted details, Bt45 is the result when design and quality fit smoothly together with technology and innovation.


Distinctive domestic appliances born from a collaboration with the leading architects of the world. Products that express “Made in Italy” style by perfectly combining design, performance, and attention to detail. SMEG: Technology with Style. SMEG believes that objects of daily use should not only fill an environment; they should create an atmosphere. This sensitivity, which has inspired a collaboration with great architects and designers of our time, is the perfect expression of the Made in Italy philosophy, which combines art and industrial expertise in everyday objects. SMEG products, the perfect combination of refined aesthetics and technological reliability, have transformed simple kitchen appliances into designer furnishings, undisputed examples of the finest Italian design: a range of fully-coordinated domestic appliances with unmistakable refined aesthetics and a well-defined identity of its own.